It’s an exciting process! You have a lot of choices and can take many paths to get your new kitchen ready for yourself and your family.

For one path, you can use a home improvement chain store with knock-down cabinets that require complete assembly and only some design assistance. You are on your own for installation (or have to contract with independent contractors) and have to coordinate all the pieces (and make sure they fit and are appropriate): plumbing, appliances, countertops, special features. Warranty service is difficult or non-existent (“you installed it, it isn’t our fault"); YOU are the responsibility point!

Or you can use a full-service kitchen design and installation firm, where a professional kitchen designer will help you make the choices you need, give you assistance on all the myriad of improvements you want, make sure that the total design (with appliance dimensions and all those type of details) works as a whole, then have skilled installers put in the kitchen. Any issues and warranty service on problems are handled at your kitchen by the firm with one call.

Or there is a third path: Cash and Carry Pre-assembled Cabinets; allowing you to choose just which services you want (how much design assistance, other product assistance such as appliance or countertop help, installation, and more choices). Want to install the cabinets yourself to save money? You can do it. Want your own favorite contractor to install your cabinets? You can do it. Don’t want to assemble cabinets from knock-down boxes, as provided by a home improvement chain store? Choose a firm such as Cabinet Outlet Depot.

The Cabinet Outlet Depot team will guide you through the entire kitchen renovation process. You’ll be able to select services “a la carte", saving you money…but with professionals available to you at any step you wish.

Kitchen renovations and new kitchen construction at Cabinet Outlet Depot are complete experiences. The kitchen design process is thorough; the entire team is attentive and responsive to client’s needs, ideas, and lifestyle requirements. Cabinet Outlet Depot has over thirty years of experience and literally thousands of satisfied customers in the Calgary Area.